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Brown Bear:

**We recommend bisque firing SLOW speed between ^06 and ^04 and always SLOW speed glaze firing. If you are having trouble getting some brands of commercial glazes to not pinhole you can always try bisque firing to ^03. If you are using Mudworks glazes exclusively you only need to bisque to ^06 unless you prefer a higher bisque.

A nice super smooth, plastic body that fires a dark chocolate brown at cones 5-6. Matures cone 5-6. Won’t bloat at soft cone 7 if fired slow through the last 300-400F. Contains no grog. Gives nice warmth to glazes, giving that reduction look to them in oxidation.

*Our tests with our Super clear glaze gave us little to no bubbles or green tint to the clear glaze.

Contains less than 2% Manganese.

Shrinkage 11%  Abs at cone 6  0.2%