Learn to Weave on a rigid Heddle Loom

Wednesday 9:30-11:30am weekly. Please text or email to sign up for this class.

Feel free to text or email and schedule a group class for complete beginner one day classes.

Come catch your breath, and let us weave the day away!

These classes are offered in 4 week packages. You will learn how to plan your project, measure the warp, dress the loom, and weave your textile. Along with the weaving techniques, you will also learn about the yarn, and finishing techniques.
Supplies are available in store. Each project is unique and supplies planned together.
We do have a studio supply of yarn available for your project use. This is included in your class fee.
Of course you are welcome to purchase yarn we have in store if you are looking for a specific color, pattern, or project.

This is a beginner weaving workshop and no previous weaving knowledge is required.
​No refunds on classes for any reason.

This class will include all supplies needed.
Looms and Yarn are available for purchase.

Limit: 3 participants
Levels: All
Cost: $180 per person($45 per class)

If you need to schedule a different day and time for your schedule please email me for a more in-depth schedule. Thanks!

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NOTE: After clicking “Book Class,” please complete the payment process.

NOTE: After clicking “Book Class,” please complete the payment process.